Venture Engineering

  • Tool Design
  • Automation Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Simulation of Forming Process’



Design sheet

In our tool design and engineering step, we create the initial process plan with the customer.  Next, we hold the initial design review following through to the final design review.  Involving the customer with the final die design and making appropriate changes for approval.

On to the final stage of the design engineering process is the tool build phase.  We finalize working drawing and details.  Then develop blank and form geometry and build tooling.  Afterwards we tryout and tune the die.  Ending with the PPAP run with customer present.

VMT’s Process

  • Engineering and Development
    • Engineer and test the appropriate dies and process to produce desired part
    • Develop test dies and prototypes to produce and refine steps and tooling
    • Research material availability and variation tolerances
    • Build and test final tool and die